We invite you to taste the difference.

Bottled and distributed by Plainview Milk Products Cooperative

Taste the Difference

It’s simple. Milk should be thirst-quenching. It should boost your health. It should taste good … all of the time. And it should always be as fresh as possible.

Locally Produced. Locally Owned.

Valley View Farms is a small operation, but our size is our strength, allowing us to keep a close eye on the production process and ensure delivery of the freshest, highest-quality milk possible. With local, member-owner farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin and a distribution area that complements their locations, Valley View Farms milk is never far from your home.

Headquartered in Plainview, Minnesota, with manufacturing facilities in Hastings, Minnesota, Valley View Farms is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plainview Milk Products Cooperative. We have a legacy of providing fresh, high quality dairy products that extends more than 100 years.

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